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For a few years now, my main artistic focus has been embroidery. In fact, I'd guess that if you're reading this, it's because you know me as an embroidery artist.

But before I discovered embroidery, I was also a published novelist, a writing teacher, and an editor. Honestly, I thought embroidery had somehow killed my writing career. Then covid-19 struck and I discovered collage. (Actually, "discovered" doesn't do it justice. "Obsessed," more like.) True to form, I've been wondering if collage is going to kill my embroidery career.

Quarantine is a strange beast, and so I decided not to worry about my embroidery shop going under, and to simply allow myself the freedom to art however I want. Thanks to the slower pace of life during shutdown, I've come to realize that these different expressions of art are not, in fact, incompatible with one another. Collages are simply a new way for me to tell stories. Even my embroideries are interesting to me because they tell stories about uncouth histories or strong women or fantastical creatures. I never did abandon writing, after all (insert amazed emoji here)!

This realization has given me the impetus (and freedom) to pick up a pen again and start writing prose. I just published my first short story on Medium and I'd be thrilled if you'd read it. Just follow the link below.

"She stood perfectly still in the middle of the corn field, listening to the stalks clatter dryly around her. She could hold stillness for long moments. The key, she had found, was to place every flittering thought into a box and shut the lid, to resist the fear that your worries would consume you later if you ignored them now..."

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