The Gulon

foure footed beastes The Gulon

Yes, I admit, I took The Gulon for a walk soon after I stitched him. According to  "The Historie of Fovre-Footed Beastes," published in 1607, which is where I found this illustration, The Gulon (or "Gvlon" as it appears in the book) eats carcasses and requires two trees to aid in digestion. Who could deny such a creature a walk to check out the neighborhood trees?

He is also "thought to be engendered by a Hyena & a Lioneffe, for in quality it refembleth a Hyena...& it is a deuouring and an vnprofitable creature, hauing fharper teeth then other creatures." Furthermore, "it may bee that God hath ordained fuch a creature to expreffe the abhominable gluttony of the men of that (Northern) countrie, that they may know their true deformed nature."

(insert horrified emoji here) Reading that excerpt aloud brings me a huge amount of satisfaction. Lisping all over the place makes that racist sermonette sound as ridiculous as it should.

I used single strand black DMC floss on cream cotton to embroider The Gulon, and framed it in a 6 inch hand painted wooden hoop.

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