The Fingers Behind the Mayhem

I am a Chicago-based artist whose main creative outlets are embroidery, collage, and linocut printing. The designs for my linocuts and embroideries are curated from historical sources; those macabre or unusual line drawings that deserve new life with a modern audience. My collages come together from a variety of vintage and modern magazines, books, and ephemera, and often come out a little politically charged.

I also have an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and am a published author and editor. In everything I do, I'm interested in telling stories. About strong women. About love and myths and alchemy. About mystical creatures and racism and deadly viruses. 

Whether you're interested in the story behind the art or not, I hope you'll find something here that inspires and delights you.


Back in the day, artists were regularly supported by kings and queens and wealthy would seem they had just as much trouble making a living as we artists do nowadays. Patreon has emerged as a way for artists to make a living. Fans come together to support their favorite artists by adding as little as a few dollars to the artist's Patreon, thereby turning themselves into royalty. Together, fans and artists alike are keeping art alive.

I am indebted to my patrons; I could not do this without them. 

Major Thanks Belong to my Mega Patrons:

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