Imagine a nice summer day. The air is soft, with a slight breeze, and you hear crickets all around. You’re in the Uncouth Patreon Patch, a field of sunflowers, gently waving overhead, their faces reaching for the sun. You close your eyes and lean your head back to soak up the warmth. It takes a moment for you to realize the crickets have fallen silent. You open your eyes and watch the sunflowers turn, as one, to look at you, their seeds clicking an unknown language, and their beautiful yellow petals vibrating their desire to clamp onto your face. Fear zings through you. You back away, but it’s too late. You’ve been sucked into an underworld of strange creatures and politically charged collage. Once your heartbeat returns to normal and your adrenaline subsides, you realize you LIKE IT HERE, and so you choose to hang out. It’s an uncouth field of flowers, but dammit, it’s what you’ve been wanting. Needing. And in fact, you look around and see me, and others like you, and because it’s nice to meet others who like weird art, you decide to stay. 

Get it? (cough cough) Okay. Read on.

What’s a Patreon?

Patreon is essentially a tip jar for artists. Fans put dollars in the tip jar, and if enough dollars go in, the artist is gifted the financial stability to create more art, try new things, and spend more time interacting with fans. In return for their support, fans get things like direct access to the artist, behind-the-scenes videos, patron-only posts and polls, discounts, and regular infusions of cool swag made especially for them.

Why have a Patreon?

I miss you! As I write this, we’re still living with a deadly virus that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. During this new norm of social distancing, I not only lost my day job (which fed my art habit), but the regular art shows where I could interact face-to-face with people who love uncouth things. I miss friends. I miss art lovers. I miss you. I want to foster new ways of connecting and Patreon is a perfect place for that.

On my Patreon page, I post about my process, take polls, let you see my particular brand of crazy, and send out monthly art gifts. My patrons are able to comment back, vote, give suggestions, and also interact with one another if they choose.

How much does it cost?

That’s the beauty of Patreon! You choose! There are multiple levels, starting at only $5/month. No obligations, no contracts. You can do it for a month or for years. It’s entirely up to you.

What do Patrons get?

Love. The right to call themselves Unicorns, SeaHorses, Hyaenas, or Gulons. Monthly snail-mail swag. Entrance into exclusive chat rooms. Encouragement. Satisfaction. Patron-only posts from me. Discounts in my shop. Did I mention love? 

How do I sign up?

I'm so glad you asked!! 

 Become a Patron!