Astral Repose
Astral Repose

Astral Repose

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I found this illustration in a German book on alchemy from the year 1613 and therefore I have absolutely no idea what it's about. But I love the myriad of symbols: (from left to right) Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, with the Sun and Moon above them. When this illustration was drawn, those were the only "planets" visible to the naked eye. The crow, which is often a symbol of death; is the man dead or dying? And why is Saturn blacked out? Is that his death day? Or where he's going? If anyone can read ancient German, please let me know. I have so many questions. 

Single strand embroidery on cream cotton in a hand-painted 8 inch hoop. 

**PLEASE NOTE** This is a Made to Order embroidery, so small variations may occur (because: handmade) and (art). I'll need up to two weeks to stitch this for you; as soon as I receive the order, I'll contact you with an anticipated shipping date. Thank you for understanding that handmade art is a slow process with huge rewards.**

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