Bird Skeleton

Bird Skeleton

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I stitched a slightly larger version of this bird skeleton and put it in an embroidery hoop a few months ago, but when I laid eyes on this frame, I knew the skeleton needed to make another appearance. As I suspected, she does look lovely, surrounded by silver tulips.

The bird is a Dendrocitta Vagabunda, or rufous treepie, illustrated in the 1869 "Osteologia Avium; a Sketch of the Osteology of Birds."

Single strand embroidery on cream cotton in a repurposed 6 x 4.5 inch silver frame. This exact piece has sold and is no longer available because of the unique frame. If you love the embroidery, contact me about the possibility of stitching a new one for you. It would have a different frame or hoop and small variations would occur because: handmade and also: art.

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