Method of Opening the Kidney
Method of Opening the Kidney

Method of Opening the Kidney

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For those of you who were curious, there is a method for opening a kidney, according to the 1905 "Post-Mortem Pathology:"

"The organ is held in the left hand with its hilum downward, and an incision is made with a brain-knife along its upper convex border and more than half through the renal substance. It is then reversed, and the incision continued until the gland is nearly, but not quite, divided. In this manner there is no danger of cutting the hand."

Alternatively, you can slap that thing on a cutting board and keep the hand out of harm's way. Just a little tip from a home cook.

This design is an embroidered reproduction from the 1905 "Post-Mortem Pathology." A perfect gift for those in the medical profession, or for those who, like me, have a delightfully macabre side.

Single-strand, hand embroidery on cream cotton in a 12x14 inch frame. The art measures 5.5 x 7.5 inches. The frame is a salvaged wooden antique, with nicks and imperfections that play perfectly with this piece of art.

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